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Massive Video Drop pt 2

Last updated on June 30, 2014

GOVS combines Spiritualized’s post-shoegaze haze, indie rock’s pathos, and great trumpet work to create an absolutely beautiful tune. Watch for GOVS in 2014.

The Worriers’ clip for “Little Lucy” perfectly reflects their Vaccines-esque hyperactive enthusiasm: the band members spastically bounce around a dark room with a video projected behind them in a totally ADHD way. It’s awesome.

I love Hemmingbirds’ “My Love, Our Time Is Now,” so I’m glad to see it got a video. I’m unsure what the floating ghost baddies are doing, but I think the power of love defeats them in the end. Nevertheless, THE SONG TOTALLY RULES.

Don DiLego is a songwriter you should know about. Here’s his “Midnight Train,” as performed in an empty bar.

Do you love pop-punk circa 2003? Like, Blink-182 and Sum-41 and all that? If yes, then you need to watch “Towamencin” by Dugout, as they have perfectly recreated that. I mean, absolutely everything, from the song to the clothes to the activities in the video to the camera angles to the locations for the shoot (living room practice space! junky basement venue!) to the homemade tattoos I MEAN WHY DID THIS GO AWAY?!. Relive it for four minutes. Oh, and if you made it this far you already know someone’s going to throw up in this video, so you don’t need me to warn you.

Night Beds is an incredible band that doesn’t get enough love, and I hope 2014 is their year. Winston Yellen’s voice is ethereal and beautiful, while his arrangements are reminiscent of the excellent Sleeping at Last. You should be on this train. Here’s your ticket: