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Marc With a C-What the Hell is Wrong with Marc with a C?

Band Name: Marc With a C

Album Name: What the Hell is Wrong with Marc with a C?

Best Element: Hilariously witty lyrics, smart, memorable lines.

Genre: Acoustic pop / emo


Label Name: Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority

Marc with a C needs a hug, and What the Hell is Wrong with Marc with a C?, Marc Sirdoreus’ latest full-length, is his petition for said embrace. Sometimes, you stumble upon a CD that just tells it like it is. And no matter how far out in left-field, how full of insecurities, how laced with suburban drug experimentation, how straight-up, downright, undeniably emo the songs are, you can’t help but bop your head and laugh. Marc Sirdoreus gleaned twenty of his most catchy tunes from as far back as 2002, repackaged them on a new CD and effectively chronicled his musical Live Journal on disc. Armed with an acoustic guitar, a nasal yet endearing voice, an uncanny ability to rhyme and a razor wit, Marc Sirdoreus whines and self-effaces his way through these cute and memorable songs.

I enjoyed the honesty and willingness to spill his guts that punctuated What the Hell is Wrong with Marc with a C?. From lines like “Did you ever wake up with the prospect that nobody of the opposite sex is going to call you when you get home from work? / And did you ever spend a day off by yourself because nobody of the opposite sex cared if you were free that night or not?” to “Maybe it’s the fact that I’m slightly overweight or all the girls that want me are underage,” (both lines are from “Why Don’t Girls Like Me?”), Sirdoreus paints a picture of your average guy with big dreams. Everyone wants that fairytale life, no matter whether they have immaculate teeth and salon hair or if they’re less-than-blessed with a made-for-radio face, and Sirdoreus’ commiseration is—if borderline maudlin at times—heartwarming.

I absolutely loved the song “Nerdy Girls.” With its stand-up comedian introduction, infectious wit (“a nerdy girl can straighten up the wheels on my mental shopping-cart”) and stripped-down acoustic presentation, this song simply begs second, third and fourth listens. I can’t help but break into laughter at the opening verse: “I raise my eye just to inspect her as she adjusts her pocket-protector / there’s nothing wrong with a nerdy girl / she’s the kind of chick that I’d like to meet but she’s busy thinking about Anime.”

This album is intensely personal, yet it refuses to exclude. I feel that every guy has a bit of Marc with a C in him, even if we aren’t willing to admit it. From scenesters to hipsters to hoodlums to class presidents and computer-programmers, it’s hard not to agree with Sirdoreus’ humorous, yet poignant, observations. Sirdoreus also shares his love for lo-fidelity recordings—as chronicled on “RetroLowFi” and “Broken Record Player”—and his nostalgic self-doubt: “I’m so sad, I’m fifteen, life’s so hard, life’s so hard” (the chorus from “Life’s so Hard.”). It’s his utter normal-guy observations through a witty string of lyrics that make Marc’s songs enjoyable.

Doubters will listen and complain about… well… Sirdoreus’ incessant complaining. Yeah… he does that, but he does it well. It’s not just whining; it’s thoughtful, funny, and catchy whining; it’s whining with class, and that’s what separates this CD from the countless acoustic emo acts that beg for attention. What the Hell is Wrong with Marc with a C? earns the right to our attention.

—Timothy C. Avery