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Los-Bad Intentions are Often Hidden Behind Beautiful Gestures

losBand Name: Los
Album Name: Bad Intentions are Often Hidden Behind Beautiful Gestures
Best Element: The instrumentals
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Label Name: Sweet Remedy Records (
Band E-mail: contact’

This band has all the potential in the world. They understand the structure needed for a good post-hardcore song. They are incredible musicians and invoked the sounds of early Thrice in their song structures. They contain the same raw energy and controlled chaos as Thrice did at one time.

Their only fault besides a ridiculously long album title is their vocalist. While these are by no means the worst vocals I’ve heard, they do need work. The main problem is they don’t seem to fit the music. The screaming is not up to par, leaving some parts bare. More experience and practice will be the cure for this small problem, as the vocals are more of an inconvenience than a true problem for this band.

One of the reasons I like this album is because it is a heavy album. But my favorite song is actually a slower song titled “Isolation”. Starting out with a beautiful piano and guitar duet, the songs grows with the addition of a calm vocal part that features the best of vocalist Andreas Rödin. While I love the heavy stuff, this song really showcases the incredible talent of the band.

While it isn’t the strongest release of the year, [u]Bad Intentions…[/u] features a band that has the ability to revive a flat-line genre.

-Scott Landis


P.S Los is from Sweden. Just thought you might like to know that.

And yes, the album is in English.