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Loomis and the Lust know summer pop backwards and forwards

July 10, 2010

Loomis and the Lust‘s Nagasha is five songs of pure summer pop. Guitar hooks, hand claps, tambourines, melodies that will implant in your brain, upbeat mood, the whole nine yards. “Break on Love” is the funkiest pop song I’ve heard in a long time that didn’t sound cheesy, “Cure for Sale” channels the emotive moments of Jimmy Eat World, and “Girl Next Door” must be a lost Jet song.

But the standout is the so-pop-it-must-be-illegal “Bright Red Chords,” which claims that “Dancing to the beat, the music is primal,” and they couldn’t be more right. “It hits my hips before my mind,” indeed. Highly recommended for people who like summer music.


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