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Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas give us smooth, silky, soothing electronica

Last updated on January 6, 2022

Lindstrøm & Prins ThomasIII is a smooth, silky, soothing ride for your tired ears. The glittering, calm waves of synths and gentle beats that propel all six of these tunes make for the very best type of listening: the sound can take you away for a ride without you really even knowing it. The work is transportive. This electronic work is about the chillest nu-disco you can imagine–no violins here. I listened to it a ton, and found myself immersed in the vibes.

“Small Stream” has those low-key disco vibes in the cascading bass synths and the headbobbing rhythms, but the layers of other synths over it give it a warm-coat feeling. “Oranges” has a little bit more of a lazy feel, even verging over a bit to mildly ominous. “Harmonia” relies on live bass (or exceptional facsimile of it) to give a more driving feel to the work. “Birdstrik” is both more active and less–the little bits of chatter and squelch add up to a relaxing, serene experience. This album is far more than the sum of its parts, and much more than my words can do justice to. This is a highlight electronic effort of the year, so don’t miss out. The record drops on 11/20. Highly recommended.