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Legal Insanity

Band: Legal Insanity

Album: s/t

Best element: Very original sound

Genre: Thrashcore/hardcore


Label: Unsigned

Band E-mail:

First order of business, I’d like to say that Legal Insanity KICKS MAJOR ASS! Legal Insanity has a very original sound, which is hard to find in a time filled with sell-out-ism. They are like the bastard child of punk, nü-metal, and Slayer (thrown in for spice). I would like to see this band get signed, make lots of money, and become famous. You can tell the members really care about music.

These guys are pure energy. On all of their songs, there is a very gut wrenching, almost growl-like scream coming from bass player the Beast which drives the songs. The deep yell is complimented by super heavy guitar parts and fast drums, which are pretty tight. There are some shaky parts, but you forget all about that when the vocals kick in. The lead singer Chase has one of those voices that cuts through the music and just hits you. You can tell that Legal

Insanity has roots in punk and metal, as Whambam’s fast double beat drumming keeps the songs together. Over all, the album is very tight and just damn good.

Unfortunately, the quality of the recording was not the best. The quality of recording is not the most important thing though- their music is excellent. It could have been a few songs longer as well, but it was still awesome.

When I listen to Legal Insanity, I want to break something. Not many bands move me in that way. I would like to hear these guys make a full length CD, as I think it would sell very well. You can hear everything the band puts into their music. It comes from deep in their souls, which seems to be a fading quality during the second glam era. I have found my new favorite band, and if you are interested in good thrashcore or metal, definitely check out Legal Insanity. They will rock your socks off.

-Zack Albrecht