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Kapone-Vampires are this Years Pink

Album: Vampires are this Years Pink

Band: Kapone

Best Element: The solid structure of the music

Genre: Eat my heart out Emo


Label: unsigned

Band E-mail:

Lyrics are a sensitive subject with me. I feel that lyrics can not make or break an album. Though they are an important part of the album, it is more important to have a tight band with a vocalist whose voice works with the music. A lot of (well, most people) will tell me I’m crazy, but a band is not the one person who writes the lyrics, but the 4-6 people who write the music and make everything work together. Kapone does a really great job at bringing every element of the band together seamlessly.

Kapone is an unsigned five piece emo band out of Charleston, South Carolina. They put out the cleanest and tightest sound I have heard from an unsigned band. The bassist and drummer are incredibly tight together- The bassist provides a solid beat while playing around enough to give all the songs a very cool feel. The entire band sounds great.

The lyrics are the one thing some people will see as a problem. The lyrics are cliché emo lyrics, and statements such as “I’ll drown in my tears” lead the charge. Personally, I find the lyrics fit the music and the singer’s voice. It’s not that I’m a huge fan of cliché emo, but I enjoy this album.

This is a band that really cares about its music. They really worked at this album and put out a quality product. Check out “Hell and Good Company”.

-Scott Landis