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Jet Lag Gemini-Fire The Cannons Doghouse Records

Jet Lag GeminiFire The Cannons

Doghouse Records

Melodic pop-punk with enough edge to make it rock.

I had high hopes when Jet Lag Gemini’s Fire The Cannons arrived on my desk. This marked the first time I’d actually heard a band before I received their CD to review, having heard their first single “Run This City” on the Sirius Punk station in my car.

Luckily, my hopes were fulfilled. From the CD’s opener, the aforementioned “Run This City,” all the way to its end, the band manages to break out of the typical pop-punk mold and present its own style. The band has a much more melodic sensibility than most East Coast punk bands and features some great vocal harmonies.

The closest the band really comes to anything is the SoCal brand of pop-punk popularized by bands like Sugarcult. The sound is similar, but Jet Lag Gemini brings in much more humor in their lyrics. Evidence of this is found in the band’s name, a play on a Nintendo 64 game called Jet Force Gemini. The band also has more of a rock edge to it, especially when lead guitarist Vlad Gheorghiu shreds out a few solos. He is especially good during his metal-inspired soloing on “Fit To Be Tied.”

Lead singer Misha Safinov is also a great asset to the band. His voice is very distinct and lends itself well not only to the hard rocking songs, but also to the ballads (of which there are several).

Fire The Cannons also has the good graces to not be two-faced. Many bands out there will put all their energetic songs at the beginning and all the slow songs at the end, making an album feel bogged down with emotion at the end. Not so with Jet Lag Gemini’s release, for as soon as things go down a bit, they’re turned right back up.

Tracks to keep an eye out for include “Run This City,” “Stepping Stone,” “Fit To Be Tied,” “Just Say How,” and “Picture Frames.” Though, in truth, every song on the album has its merits, showing influences from punk, pop-punk, metal, swing, 50’s pop, classic rock and even a hint of Sergio Leone.

While some may list them off as just another pop-punk band, Jet Lag Gemini sets itself apart from the others and will likely begin to draw large crowds in the near future. This is one of the best albums I’ve ever reviewed for Independent Clauses.

Nate Williams