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Jess Jocoy’s Online Residency: “Somebody Somewhere”

Last updated on January 6, 2022

This week we say goodbye to Nashville-based songwriter Jess Jocoy, as she wraps up her Independent Clauses residency.  With her track “Somebody Somewhere” from her latest album Such a Long Way as a down-home adieu, Jocoy embraces stylistic choices associated with her folk-Americana genre while breaking free of some of its stylistic confines.

Let me say: I’m not a huge fan of country music, but I respect its connection to rock and roll historically.  Now that I’ve cleared the air, I am always searching for music that connects to the soul. Jess Jocoy connects in this performance. “Somebody Somewhere” is an intricate masterpiece, disarming the listener with each uncomplicated theme rolling along, note by note.  

The songwriter tells her tale simply, the guitar serving as an echo to her deep vocal tone.  Reminiscent of Brandi Carlisle, Jocoy sings as an Americana troubadour ready to step into the metaphor-rich world of indie folk-rock. Providing a steady framework for Jocoy’s vocals, the restrained production envelops the listener like a warm glow from a fire’s dying embers. The video, filmed by Adam Jones of ALJ Innovations in Nashville, feels like we are all hanging out with Jocoy before she sets out on tour. It’s intimate yet casual at the same time. Jess Jocoy is poised to break out with cuts like “Somebody Somewhere”  from her album Such a Long Way as the finale to her stand here at Independent Clauses.

Though this is the final installment of Jess’s online residency here in IC, you can catch Jocoy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Check out the two previous installations of the online residency here and here. —Lisa Whealy