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It's soft, short, and well-done.

Best Feature: It’s soft, short, and well-done.
Genre: indie-rock
Label: N/a


September is an indie-rock band that soothes you a whole lot more than it rocks you. I come from this background of music, which is alternately good and bad for a band. If they make good music, then I will like them a LOT. If they have bad music, well, I can trash it really easily.

Thankfully, September is a good band. All six of these songs have the same feel, and where some bands would get monotonous with it, September manages to make it flow. Their vocals are impressive on the album, and especially in the acoustic closer “Burning Bridges”, where he pulls no tricks, stays in his comfort zone, and produces a fantastic melody.

When he gets out of his vocal comfort zone, I get uncomfortable as well.  September fancies themselves as a band that’s hard enough to need a screamer when, in actuality, all a screamer does is act annoying and detract from their songs. “So Someday” is a harder song for them, but it isn’t a hard song when compared to other rock bands. To emphasize their ‘hardness’ they throw in a screamer who takes over the song, and it just doesn’t work. I mean when you can sing and play a beautiful song expertly, why try to be something else?

The guitars here are mostly simple, but they serve their purpose well: tactfully and thoughtfully delivering a base for the vocals. They have memorable lines once in a while, like on “Burning Bridges”, but mostly the vocals carry this album.
September is off to a very good start with this EP. They need to stop screaming, and their guitars could become a little more exciting, but this is a very good debut EP, and one that I highly enjoy.