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It’s Revenge-Demo

Band Name: It’s Revenge
Album Name: Demo
Best Element: The consistency of the instrumental parts
Genre: Wide-ranging rock
Label Name: N/A

Band E-mail:

It’s Revenge has some of the most talented guys in the indie music industry, as they can and seem to be willing to play almost any type of straight-laced rock. Some songs are Green Day-style punk while others seem to be infused with Nirvana’s ideas. This is a hard album to review just because of the talent of the musicians and the range of styles that they play.

The album is extremely difficult to follow all the way through because each song is in a completely different style. For example, “New York Minute”, an up-beat song about grabbing life by the horns and not letting the world pass you by, is followed by heavier track “These Times.” This makes the album hard for me to sit through because of the way I listen to music. Honestly, this album is a lot like your extremely ADHD friend- he’s a hell of a lot of fun sometimes, but his mood swings can really get on your nerves.

The instrumentals on this album are some of the best I’ve heard out of an indie band for a while. Though they are relativity simple, relying on the same riffs in a few different songs, the band plays well and can play together, a trait that you find in fewer and fewer bands anymore.

Overall this album shows promise but I can’t see a huge market even in the indie scene for these guys. Though the songs “These Times” and “Going Home” show a more defined style than any other songs on the album, the album is too straight laced. There is no question that these musicians will go far, but I don’t see this band lasting with its current multi-styled bi-polar set-up.

It’s not the best but it is a fun, light album to listen to. I’ll be interested to see what happens as the band evolves.

-Scott Landis