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Interview Underscore

November 27, 2004

  1. Name of Your Band: Underscore
  2. Where are you from: Washington, D.C.
  3. Names, ages and instruments of all your members:

Matthew Flyzik – singer – 18

Ryan Sherril – guitarist/singer -21

Paul Martinez – drums – 20

Phil Moy – guitarist/singer – 6

Jason Tipton – bassist – 5

4. Genre: Punk? Pop-punk? Emo? Rock? Whatever you wanna call it.

5.   How would you, without comparing yourself to another band, describe your music?

It’s a little of this and a little of that mixed with…Shit! I dunno, I suck at these questions?!?!

6. What bands have you shared a stage with? Fallout Boy, Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Stars Hide Fire, Midtown, Hidden in Plain View, The Early November, Punchline, Army of Freshmen, and many many more

7. Quick Tour Story: 2 days before our last tour, our van broke down and we didn’t have enough money to fix it, so we crammed six people into a small SUV and did an entire month long tour in that. 2 of us had to sit, practically on top of each other, in the trunk.

8. Names of all EP/albums and who released them:

“The Spring EP” – March 2004 (independent)

“You’re No Angel” – November 2004 (available ‘

9. Scene you most identify with:

Not the one where everyone fights over whose white belt is better, whose jeans are tighter, and whose hair is longer and has better blonde streaks. We’re just 5 kids who enjoy music and go to shows to have fun, and our “scene” is kids who feel the same way.


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