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Interview The Commercials

November 27, 2004

1.         Name of Your Band: The Commercials

2.        Where are you from:  Harrisburg, PA

3.        Names, ages and instruments of all your members:

Andy, 26, Bass, Vocals
Tom, 24, Guitar, Vocals
Tony 24, Guitar, Vocals
Dan, 19, Drums

4.      Genre: Indie/Rock/Emo

5.   How would you, without comparing yourself to another band, describe your music?

I would say our music is melodic, yet it still contains urgency, and some aggressiveness.

6.      What bands have you shared a stage with?  All kinds of bands, At The Drive In, The Ataris, Saves The Day, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Water Music, Zao, The Starting Line, the list goes on.

7.      Quick Tour Story: The best thing that ever happened on tour was we were playing in Knoxville, TN, and the Gin Blossoms were playing right down the street.  We were at the show early and we got to meet those guys, and they got us in the show for free, and gave us shout outs from stage.  We had all been huge Gin Blossoms fans since we were like 13.

8.      Names of all EP/albums and who released them:

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It- Blackout Records

Twenty Years Tonight -Jumpstart Records
First Time For Everything- Chowda Records

9. Scene you most identify with:  I don’t know exactly what this question means, but I think we identify with the underground scene in general.  I mean we all come from a punk rock and hardcore background.  I kind of consider all that stuff, indie rock, etc. to be one scene.

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