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Inspector Owl-Patterns of Nerve Cell Action


Band Name: Inspector Owl
Album Name: Patterns of Nerve Cell Action
Best Element: Quirky influences create an exciting sound.
Genre: Dance-ish Indie Rock
Label Name: Oh Nona Records (
Band E-mail:

As we speak, there is a bar in the Midwest that the members of Inspector Owl are in, drinking cheap beer and waxing intellectual about movies, music, and books. These kinds of people usually make really great music for the sake that they’ve been doing so since early high school out of boredom. I know this because this 6 song EP told me. Patterns… sounds like the type of album that was made by people who listen to a lot of music that can’t be found at the local Wal-Mart. There are traces of old Modest Mouse, Troubled Hubble, and even some influence from Neutral Milk Hotel’s indie pop extravagance. There are dance beats. There are grooving baselines. There are also acoustic guitars. And in this extravagance, you find a certain amount of honesty that reveals itself as the album goes further on.

It is at the 6th and final song of the EP, entitled “This Song is About Space”, that Inspector Owl really hit stride and pull all their strongest assets together. A simple piano line plays in the background, synths fill out the rhythm, and a strong vocal melody lies over top. Then, as to give the listener a breath of hope and triumph, huge choruses of voices come in singing and a beautiful violin enters underneath them.

Inspector Owl is a band that still has its best work ahead of them and this 6 song EP makes me excited to hear what’s next from this Midwestern trio.