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Inner Surge

November 9, 2004

innersurgeInner Surge – “Matrika”

Best Element: Genre-bending.

Genre: Political Metal


Label: N/a

I don’t like metal, but I like this. Inner Surge is hard hitting politically charged metal/ punk/ I don’t know what. Listening to this album is like going through a good indie record store and listening to every third album- you get a little taste of anything and everything in here. I hear guitar parts that remind me of The Black Album by Metallica, but then I hear tracks like “Driven” that remind me of the Canadian punk quartet Billy Talent. This album is an amazing mix of styles.

What makes Matrika such a good album is the extremely raw quality of it- the whole album seems to have not been touched by a producer. Unlike many albums that leave the listener wondering, “What do these guys sound like live?”, this album lets you know definitively.

Another great thing about the members of this band is how much they care about everything. Unlike most bands out there that claim to be “politically charged”, then turn out to be some teenage kids who don’t understand what they believe, Inner Surge really seems to stand for everything they write about. They just want their voice to be heard- for example, these guys are out doing charity shows such as “Rock against Racism 2002”. They aren’t out to get rich or to become rock stars.

This album is not an album you listen to so that you can sit back and enjoy the music. This album is an album that you have to get up and mosh to or protest to. I can only imagine the live show this band puts on. Inner Surge is not your usual hardcore/metal but definitely something you want to check out.

-Scott Landis

*Inner Surge is headed up by Steve Moore, who wrote and recorded the entire album by himself. When on the road he is joined by a full band of Bryan Sandau on drums, Scott Taylor guitar and Jason Rees on bass.

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