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innawayBand Name: Innaway
Album Name: S/t
Best Element: Mysterious and haunting sound
Genre: Anti-pop indie-rock
Label Name: Some Records (
Band E-mail:

Innaway plays this type of indie music that is the musical equivalent to abstract modern art. It’s vague and anti-pop in the vein of Radiohead circa OK Computer. However, there also seems to be an element of blues within the sound that makes this band distinctly American. But the blues element only goes as far as adding texture to the sound. The lead singer’s voice comes into the mix as a ghastly element that weaves its way through and between the angular bass lines and effects laden guitar lines. Furthermore, Innaway employs trip-hop elements into the sound not far removed from such 90’s trip-hop acts as Portishead or Tricky.

The most interesting part of the Innaway package is the album artwork which is a bunch of pictures of eyes that look as though they have been cut out of a magazine and then pasted on the canvas diagonally. The inside art is abstract art with elements of dos computer 8 bit imaging. In the end, Innaway’s music is mysterious and haunting like the cover art. This band has an obvious concept of modern expression that is popular in certain circles of hipdom but is so esoteric that it is possible that this music is not so much meant to be enjoyed as it is meant to be absorbed.