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Indie Rock Trivia Quest

Here’s the deal: The IC is putting up 10 questions about indie rock. Some will be answered on our site and some won’t. Your job is to figure them out and email the answers to Scott at redbassist66’ Some will be easy, some will be harder. The person who answers the most correctly on the first try will get a handful of albums I have laying around. The contest is open until Friday, October 21, 2005.

  1. What is the record label that two members of Braille created and what instruments do they play in Braille?
  2. According to Geoff Rickly of Thursday, why did he dye his hair black?
  3. What band on a Christian rock label has put out three records with three different lead singers?
  4. From Autumn to Ashes currently has how many full-length records out?
  5. What band from West Chester, PA, has had a member appear on Viva La Bam?
  6. What video was banned from MTV and VH1 in 2004 for its “anti-American” sentiments?
  7. What two writers from Independent Clauses share hometowns?
  8. What album did both Stephen and Scott agree was one of the top albums of 2004?
  9. Name He Is Legend’s first label.
  10. What Trustkill band broke up, then reformed with only one original member before releasing a full-length on Trustkill? (Bonus point if you can name the band that the drummer left to join.)

Knock yourselves out. If there is a tie between more than two people the IC will make up extra questions.

-Scott Landis