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Independent Clauses 2021 Spotify Playlist, Vol. 2

Editor’s note: This is the 3000th post on Independent Clauses! Thanks to everyone who has been with us through 3000 posts. Here’s to 3000 more. –Stephen Carradini

Stephen Carradini and I present Independent Clauses 2021 Spotify Playlist, Vol. 2. It features a diverse representation of genres covered over the past few months.  The musical selections  represent a global soundscape calling out humanity’s strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a community.

While developing this playlist, the soundtrack from Questlove’s groundbreaking documentary Summer of Soul connected 16-year-old Stevie Wonder to the latin rhythms of Tampo’s “Keumgang.” Sly and The Family Stone vibed with Pauli The PSM’s “We Got the Beat,” transcending time and place with its universal groove.

Artists featured in this playlist include, in no particular order: @JodyBigfoot – @Killamaus – @Kaleo – @iamsupergrover – @broscomatose – @bonesofjrjones – @questlove – @hplemke – @JustinJohnson11 –  @paulilovejoy – @bencosgrove –  Avalon Skies – The Fierce Brothers. – Lisa Whealy