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I’m Back / Zulu Wave

Last updated on January 6, 2022

When life throws that old right hook (as it is wont to do), I retreat to Mountain Goats albums (All Hail West Texas! Forever!) and reading fiction. You’ll note that “writing Independent Clauses posts” isn’t one of those two things. However, having recovered from a cross-country move, website issues, an illness, and various other adventures in the month of September, I am back on the reviewing horse.

Zulu Wave‘s Nyami Nyami EP is easy to love but difficult to parse, because it combines so many disparate genres into one cohesive sound. Their starting point is an ominous, Radiohead-esque, thoughtful rock vibe: check the guitar tone on the title track and the wicked mood on closer “Skataful Lies.” Built on top of that base are some seriously grooving bass lines, jazzy asides, and an easy confidence from the male vocalist. Oh, and you can sing along to the group vocals in “Skataful Lies”–that is, before the Rage Against the Machine-esque guitars and bass come hammering in.

The end result is a tightly-knit collection of sounds that does its best to defy genre analysis. If you like people with brains making music for people with brains and dancing shoes, you’ll find much to love in Zulu Wave’s Nyami Nyami EP. The title track and “Skataful Lies” are the best places to start. I expect much out of Zulu Wave in the future, as their songwriting aesthetic is highly developed and ready to produce some incredible work.