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I haven't posted a rambling spiel about The Mountain Goats in a while.

March 9, 2011

Time moves too fast. I thought maybe I’d missed a few days and BAM! A week has gone by. I am either getting old or moving faster than everyone else through the time/space continuum. I am not sure what Einstein would have to say about this.

On that same note of getting old/moving faster than everyone else through the time/space continuum (I’m sure that scientists everywhere are laughing at my poor understanding of basic physics at this point, but I persist! And my persisting is probably faster than time itself!), I’ve been listening to less rock music lately. I’ve just really been enjoying quiet, spring-ish music, as opposed to the loud, spring-ish music I’m used to. The word is still out as to what I’ll be listening to this summer. Somehow, I doubt that I’ll still be “rocking” Get Lonely by The Mountain Goats (a. because the Mountain Goats have a sweet new album called All Eternals Deck that you can stream here [and you should, because 1. “Estate Sale Sign” is the new “Psalms 40:2” and 2. “Outer Scorpion Squadron” is awesomely named AND the new “Up the Wolves” with 5 years of calm added] and b. because five straight months of Get Lonely would probably leave me comatose). But, ridiculous sentences aside (man, I haven’t written one of those since I got a real writing job — and now this one is threatening to become the second in a row), Get Lonely has been growing on me a great deal.

Now I just need to buy Tallahassee and figure out why everyone loves it so much. And if I start liking Tallahassee as much as a good Mountain Goats fan should (although if this entirely statistical ranking is to be believed, I’m winning on the We Shall All Be Healed/Tallahassee battle, if only ever so slightly [MG fans humming right now get a high five; it’s “Going to Bogota,” and yes, I had to look it up, because I remembered that line but not the rest of the song (which happens often)]), I may start liking rock music more again.

And once that happens, I’ll be listening to Ghost Robot Ninja Bear as much as its entirely-too-awesome name demands I should. Because seriously, this band name is awesome. It sounds like very solid rock music, very accessible but not pandering to pop. I would say “like Anberlin!” but I think that pretty much every rock band that doesn’t suck sounds like Anberlin. I’m that far removed from rock criticism. I mean srsly, I’ve been listening to this indie stuff as a job (no, literally).

But I really like the name Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, as well as Chuck at Beartrap PR, who sent this over. Between Beartrap and Tiny Engines, he sends me a lot of good music that I haven’t been talking about, because I’ve been too busy un-rocking out to Letting Go of a Dream by Josh Caress and reading books to give it the number of spins it needs. It’s really hard for me to read a book when Monument or Cattle Drums is blowing up my ears. Then again, I don’t think many rock bands would want me to read a book while listening to them.

I would say that John Darnielle might, but then again his songs almost are books of their own. It’s like reading two books at once when I hear a new Mountain Goats song while reading. Which, honestly, I’ve never heard a new Mountain Goats song while reading, because I treasure every new MG song as an experience (I am starting to creep myself out by this point in the post, but I don’t think I have the energy to qualify my creepy statements into “well-informed but still fawning” ones). Which is why All Eternals Deck is/will be great. I may eventually be able to read to it. Hopefully read Einstein.

So there, time.

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