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Human Aftertaste-Eat Our Meat

humanaftertasteBand Name: Human Aftertaste

Album Name: Eat Our Meat

Best Element: Uniqueness

Genre: Hardcore/Gothic/Industrial/Strange


Label Name: Octopoid Productions

Band Email:

There are two types of people in the world. The first view the world as an inherently good place, filled with many great things and opportunities for mankind. The members of Human Aftertaste seems to take joy in not being those people on their latest full length album. Boldly proclaiming “Eat Our Meat!” right on the cover of their effort, the band ensnares its listeners and puts them through twelve tracks of grueling, dirty, nightmarish tunes sure to leave victims dumbfounded.

Sounds from the depths of a human factory permeate the air as “Tick Tock Man” comes to life. It’s obvious right away that, whether intentionally or not, Human Aftertaste has developed a sound previously mastered and toyed with by such greats as Trent Reznor, Mushroomhead, Fear Factory and Marilyn Manson. The rub-off of industrial effects is clear, yet Aftertaste is still able to make their songs unique.

After the ominous ticking of their first track, “Taboo You” hooks listeners with a toe-tapping beat. A sultry, seductive female’s voice lures the song into a grimy collaboration of muffled and whiny vocals, random audio and static bursts in the background and several eerie melodies. “In That We Trust” sparks to life the more rockin’ side of Aftertaste. The song strays slightly from their original industrial/techno sound and puts more emphasis on blasting guitars and powerful background vocals. KMFDM would be pleased.

“Room 418″ is an attention-grabber with its dissonant harmonies, mellow vocals, and ability to take its listeners away. The sway dissolves into a dark pre-chorus that almost turns the song into a bad dream with many haunting voices closing out the tune.

The album carries over several more tunes including the goth’s wet dream that is “Drone” and a song known as “Scream Within a Scream” that could have easily made the soundtrack of the old-school video game Twisted Metal.

“Diamond Studded Halo” is one of the more interesting tunes on the album. Featuring creepy background music and odd vocal harmony in the chorus, it gives off a “let’s pass the blunt and think about life” feel. Perhaps one of the best songs on the album, however, is “New Blood.” The song starts off with a foreboding intro before turning into an upscale rock session. Dynamic diversity leads to a grooving interlude that is, arguably, the best strain of music on the CD.

Human Aftertaste has a lot of things going on in their album. Whether it’s multiple vocal tracks, musical effects, or multiple instruments, there is never a moment of silence. Sometimes this works out for them, but a lot of times there is almost too much for one’s ear to digest. Many of the song structures end up being repetitive and in some songs the vocal melody is almost too familiar. Aftertaste’s album reflects decently enough that attempting to follow in the footsteps of industrial and goth legends is no easy task.

If you’re a fan of the aforementioned big names (Reznor, KMFDM, Manson) and pissed off at life, chances are you’ll take a liking to the Human Aftertaste. Be prepared, however, for a long haul. Despite some good things going on, Aftertaste has too much of the same good things going on. Hopefully in their next album they’ll change things up a bit.

-Erik Williams