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Hero Pattern-The Deception EP

heropatternHero Pattern – The Deception EP

Fabtone Records

If there is one thing that is important in music, it is to know the sound you are going for. The members of Hero Pattern know the sound they want, and they excel in it. The very definition of what is transpiring within the indie scene comes alive in Hero Pattern’s newest release, The Deception EP. Add the catch of pop and the flare of rock and the EP turns out to be just what devotees of the indie scene are looking for.

Jason Kundrath’s vocals spark up the beginning of an immediately catchy tune, “Don’t Even Miss Me.” A teetering guitar rhythm is punctuated by short bursts from the rest of the band before drummer Mike Kundrath gets the pace moving along. The chorus of the song makes for an easy sing-a-long with flowing guitars, bass and haunting yet fun background “o0o”’s that you won’t be able to get enough of.

The tune is short compared to the other songs at a measly minute and forty-two seconds, leaving you begging for more. More comes in the form of the hard-hitting beginning of “You Don’t Say.” Vocal harmony in the chorus and a solid lead by guitarist Pierre Marceau keep the song interesting. A mellowed out bridge allows drummer Kundrath to build up to the final chorus.

“Shake This Feeling” pits the guitars against the drumbeat and features more stunning vocals from J. Kundrath. The song feels a little too structured though and is quickly outshone by “Memory,” the EP’s fourth track. A build up into a clap-a-long rock rhythm sets the listener up for a head banging fiasco during the verse. M. Kundrath slows the mood in the chorus and lets Hero Pattern shine forth their pop influences before Marceau’s lead pierces the air.

The band’s dynamics and stop-start ability are the stars of “Signal.” The mellowness of the verse allows for bassist Rob Fitzgerald to stand out and fill in when Marceau and Kundrath drop out. The EP ends with “Control My Heart,” a three-and-a-half-minute journey away from the previous sounds of the record. Instead, the song stands out as more indie than pop or rock, though the catchy guitar riff and beautiful vocal harmony certainly display all the aspects of the aforementioned genres.

Hero Pattern knows what it’s doing. Whether it be their raging rock riffs, catchy pop vocals, or indie song arrangements, the quartet has developed the perfect formula to blend all three into six noteworthy tunes. “Some secrets you never can tell,” says Kundrath at the start of the album. Fortunately for him, the secret of how well made this EP is not one of them.

Erik Williams