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Hello 2015: Pop!

Last updated on May 9, 2019

Hello 2015: Pop!

1. “The Songs of Your Youth” – Anthonie Tonnon. A jaunty piano tune turns into a frantic, jubilant, bombastic trip through the classic rock songbook. It’s a wild trip, too.

2. “I Don’t Speak Los Angelese” – John Helix. Have another jaunty, Randy Newman-esque piano-pop tune, because that’s what’s in right now (apparently). As a piano player, I’m totally down with that.

3. “A Vacation From My Mind” – Brad Reiman. Breathy, charming, early ’00s indie-pop a la Belle and Sebastian/Death Cab for Cutie/you know what I’m saying.

4. “Phantom Power” – Diagrams. Starts off ghostly and reticent, then blooms into a cheerful ’70s pop-orchestra with a lovely array of sounds: whistling, horns (?), “whoa-ohs” and zooming synths.

5. “Get to Know” – Charlie Belle. Twee, charming, female-fronted acoustic pop/rock that’s surprisingly perky and fun.

6. “Crazy Beautiful Life” – Callaghan. Here’s the one adult alternative pop song I usually include in mixes. I don’t know, either, man! I just can’t stop myself! It’s so catchy! I’m not sorry.