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Heavy Heavy Low Low and the Indian Curse

Heavy Heavy Low Low and the Indian Curse

With a sound that has been described as brutal, ferocious and “sexy,” Heavy Heavy Low Low has taken the grindcore scene by storm. The New Weathermen Records band mates Danny, Robbie and Chris sat down with me and photographer Allison Frank in their van before their set at Chameleon Club on February 3, 2007.

IC: So how’s the tour been going?

Danny: This tour has been awesome. First couple of nights were a thousand plus. Some great kids are coming out and everyone’s really enjoying the tour.

IC: You guys are out with Fear Before, Murder by Death and Thursday. What’s it like to play on the same bill as Thursday?

Robbie: We’re all fans of them; I’ve been listening to them since high school.

Chris: Yeah, my old band covered one of their songs.

Robbie: Yeah, It’s kind of been a reality check, touring with bands like [Thursday, Murder By Death, Fear Before”>. It’s like, what the f*ck? How the hell did we get here? It’s really sick.

IC: So how have the kids been? Are they going crazy or is it more a chill group?

Chris: I don’t know dude. The kids almost seem afraid on this tour. The shows are always crazier when it’s more of our kids. The last tour with Haste the Day, The Calico System and Flee the Seen had some crazy kids though

IC: How’d that tour go?

Danny: It was fun. We really didn’t chill with those guys much.

Chris: We really didn’t get along, we just had different personalities. They’re nice guys though and their music is solid so it was fine.

Robbie: We had fun but this tour has been amazing.

IC: Yeah, I saw you guys last time out at Champion Ship in Lebanon. I ended up with a concussion and I was bleeding when I talked to you.

Chris: Yeah that show was f*cking crazy. Calico is solid as hell.

Danny: We had some good kids out there, but security was a bitch. A kid was dared to jump off the stack for a t-shirt by Calico System. The kid jumped and got the t-shirt then got kicked out. It was bullshit.

IC: So you guys have the one full length, Everything’s Watched, Everyone’s Watching. Are there any other albums?

Danny: Well, that’s the only one that you can really get.

Robbie: Yeah we have a 6 song EP, a 9-song we released on a label from our home town called 12 Gauge Records and we have a demo called “F*ck It” that Ferret is re-releasing this summer. It’s going to be 1000 press, web-only release.

IC: I’m sure you hate categorizing yourselves, but what would you call your sound?

Danny: Heavy, brutal, nasty as hell and damn sexy.


Chris: Well, I guess I’d call us space metal. Since we smoke…we smoke. And that influences us a lot. Basically, whatever sounds pimp we usually put together.

Danny: Yeah dude, we basically take any sound we like and just play it.

IC: So what do you guys listen to?

Chris: We all listen to a lot of different stuff. I listen to stuff like Blood Brothers, The Locust, Horse the Band, Converge.

Danny: I listen to pop-punk.

[Everyone laughs”>

Chris: Ryan, who isn’t here, listens to the crazy metal-core shit. But we all listen to different things.

IC: So do you guys have any stories from this tour?

Chris: Well, our van shit out last week and we missed three shows on the tour. We ended up renting a U-Haul to get to the shows. We had to have two guys in the front and the rest of the band in a metal box in the back.

Danny: Yeah, damn cattle travel better than we were.

Robbie: Yeah, and we’re under an Indian curse right now.

IC: What?

Robbie: Yeah, we got it on the first day of the tour in Connecticut.

Chris: Yeah, we got robbed. We lost four Gs, a dvd player, a GPS system.

Robbie: Then Chris and Danny got some kind of weird shitting disease.

Danny: Yeah, we were shitting all over the van, then we shit ourselves on stage.

Robbie: Basically we’re under the cure. Just end the interview with that.

-Scott Landis