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Harriet Street-Cold and Comfortable

harrietstreetBand Name:Harriet Street

Album Name: Cold and Comfortable

Best Element: Deeply enjoyable

Genre: Rock, alternative-pop


Label Name: n/a

Band E-mail:

Chess is a game of patience, intelligence, and understanding. Harriet Street’s Cold and Comfortable is solidly built around these three elements.

The lyrics of this album are on a level of their own, putting almost any band to shame. Songs consist of the same old themes but are set apart with bold, sometimes bitter, intricacy aligned just so to bring every word alive. And yet, these lyrics live in the shadows of fantastic music that is so well-coordinated that you can’t escape from listening to it. It won’t be uncommon to find yourself humming along, maybe even singing along to these impeccably designed alt-pop tunes.

Coldplay, everyone’s favorite alt/pop band, will quickly seem incomparable to Harriet Street’s Cold and Comfortable as Harriet Street infuses their music with much more passion and clarity than Coldplay’s recent work boasts.

Sometimes through all the quality and layers of this complex debut album, it feels as if they were holding back- not always being true to themselves and their art. This means that Harriet Street is a band capable of producing many things that are even better than this. This enviable quality makes Cold and Comfortable a must have and Harriet Street a band to watch. You will be hearing more of them.

-Tony Kennedy