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Happy Halloween with O Fidelis!


Happy Halloween, y’all! It’s time to get your creepy on, whether it’s tonight or this weekend. I personally haven’t figured out my costume yet. I’m leaning toward Nyan Cat, but I’m not sure where to find a PopTart that large.

O Fidelis is celebrating by releasing the 3-song A Trick or Treat EP. The trick is “Happy Song #2 (Zombie Goat Version),” which is a metal cover by Eyes Made Ready of the O Fid staple. It’s pretty hilarious, especially if you’ve heard the original. The treats are the live acoustic tracks “On the Mountainside” and “New Mexico,” which show off Brian and Laney Gilliland’s excellent songwriting skills. “On the Mountainside” is a chill version of a barnburner that I have giddily danced to many times (but has not yet been released in full band form), while “New Mexico” is a newer tune that features Laney’s alto pipes. If you can listen to “On the Mountainside” without getting it stuck in your head, you’re a stronger person than I.

For those of you into chill folk-pop tunes, O Fidelis should be on your watch list. I hope that this release means that they’re going to be dropping a full album soon.