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Gravity Propulsion System

May 31, 2004

Some bands rule. Some bands suck. Some have the potential to rule, but don’t. Gravity Propulsion System falls in the third category.

GPS is a post-grunge band, but not in the normal sense of the word. They build great, sludgy walls of gritty guitar noise; think the Deftones meets the White Stripes, with weird electronic noises layered on top. GPS sounds great at some points, such as the last 40 seconds of “Sleep (They’re Coming)”, but in other places it’s little more than harsh noise (“Note to Girlfriend”, “Solvent”). It’s chaotic and free-form, with few vocals; the ones that do appear, such as on “Sleep…” are droning and monotonous. Their amalgam of sounds comes off really good for a couple of songs, but about halfway through their 8-minute epic “Black Helicopter Undercurrent”, it’s easy to tune out and think about something else.

“Poison Rays of Sound” is creative, but it’s just not engaging enough. If this were an EP, it would be really cool. Once this sound is refined some more, GPS will be an excellent-sounding band. There’s just too much chaos to respond to at the moment.

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