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Ghost Tales – An Island in a Shower EP

ghosttalesGhost Tales – An Island in a Shower EP

Best Element: Unexplainably beautiful songwriting and performances.

Genre: Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

Website: contact Gloria_records’

Label: N/a

Some bands give off a distinct feel- MewithoutYou makes you want to flail wildly and break something, Coldplay turns the hardest man mellow, Fountains of Wayne can crack a smile on the driest face, and so on and so on. Ghost Tales transports you to that blissful time after you’ve just woken up from a long sleep.

The three songs on this EP each retain an untainted, very nearly unearthly aura that whispers you softly through them. “Fishing” is both the mellowest and best of the three mostly acoustic/guitar compositions (“Gloria” is filled out with bass and drums). The strikingly simple chorus of “I’ll be fine” allows Victor Alvarez’s smooth voice to most clearly exude the sleepy warmth and sincere beauty that is trademark to a Ghost Tales song.

Another trademark to a Ghost Tales song is storytelling- all three of these songs paint detailed scenes with dynamic, endearing characters in them. The most heartbreaking story is “Gloria”, the tale of a man who drank too much and lost his lover when her father married her off to the man with the most money. The explanation is simple, but once you hear the impassioned cry of “Our love was a savior, but we sinned just too much! Gloria!” you’ll feel the gravity of the situation as Alvarez imagined it- it’s unexplainable in text.

That really is the true test of music. If you can explain away all the nuances of music in words, then the music really isn’t as strong as it should be. When music is its own entity, given life that can’t be taken apart logically, then it’s amazing. Ghost Tales is amazing, because I can’t impress on you enough how much you want this simple little disc.

-Stephen Carradini