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Fresh Sound

Fresh Sound

The modern music era is in dire need of a fresh, new sound. The radio/MTV scene offers little hope of this. It seems it is up to the world of independent music to come up with the antidote. Might it be that a sweet little band from the musical gold mine of New York City will offer this sound?

The City of New York is filled to the brim with musical talent. Some of the most influential and downright genius musicians of all time, like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Billy Joel, got their start there. The Redbirds are the next great talent from this area.

With their unique indie-pop sound, The Redbirds are gaining a following around the northeastern United States. The band consists of three members: guitarist and frontman Michael Collins, drummer Josh Fullam, and bassist Brett Hauze. They play gigs everywhere from Rochester to Connecticut to New Jersey. They recently released Snapshot, their first album, and are currently hard at work on a second.

Their sound offers vocal harmonies and voice doubling we have all come to enjoy from the likes of America and The Beatles. The Redbirds’ instrumentals combine indie and pop in a collage of sound that is completely original. The rhythms of Hauze and Fullam combined with Collins’ vocal/6-string skills almost guarantee that it won’t be long until we hear songs like “A Heart Like Mine” and “Sideways” on the radio. Until then, their songs are available on iTunes. Snapshot can be found on Cdbaby.


Since the release of Snapshot, Brett Hauze was forced by personal reasons to leave the band. He still remains a close friend of Collins and Fullam. This creates a void at the bass position, one that is soon to be filled. According to Fullam, the addition of a keyboard player is also in the works.

-Stephen C. O’Riley