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Forever Changed/The Existence EP

foreverchangedForever Changed/The Existence EP

Genre: Emo/Indie

Best Feature: The full album is coming!


Label: Floodgate Records (

Forever Changed is a traditional Christian emo/indie rock band, but they encompass this sound without being formulaic. They borrow a little bit of Thrice’s musical stylings while incorporating a flair for fluidity which is all their own.

One thing that Forever Changed does well is annunciate clearly. For the most part, the listener does not need a lyric sheet to hear what is being said, which is proactive to both conveying their message and drawing in the listener. Their lyrics often capture Christian themes without being preachy, which helps communicate a message that can be personally interpreted by both a Christian listener and a non Christian listener.

Musically, no two songs sound the same on this EP. “Encounter” is a strong, hard hitting song with intense vocals, “Alone” is a slow, emotive song, and “Identical” combines musical melodies with strong vocal harmonies.

In the end, this 10 minute EP leaves the listener with a good taste of what Forever Changed has to offer. If the listener is left wishing for more, their wish will be granted in March 2005, the tentative release date for the full length from these talented musicians.

-Andrea Goodwin