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Forever Changed-The Need to Feel Alive

foreverchangedBand: Forever Changed

Album: The Need to Feel Alive

Best element: Vocals

Genre: Christian nu-wave emo


Label: Floodgate Records (

Band e-mail:

This band has the potential to put out some amazing music. Sadly, this album does not show everything that the band can do musically: there is an intense focus on the vocals throughout the album, leaving the feeling that the guitars and bass are static supporting characters. While I listened to this album I got the feeling that Dan Cole (Vocals, Guitar, Keys) felt that projecting his specific idea of what each song means to him is more important than allowing the vocals and instruments to blend. I also get the feeling that all of the instrumental parts were written around pre-written lyrics, a style of song writing that leaves songs with holes.

As I said in the notes, Forever Changed is a Christian band and is proud of that fact. Every song represents some struggle that Christianity has solved or revelations that the religion has caused. I’m not going to comment on this fact, because it is not my place, but it is important for everyone to be aware that this isn’t a Christian band that can be listened to while ignoring the message of the songs like you can with Norma Jean or Dead Poetic (Solid State Records).

Forever Changed reminds me a lot of Matchbook Romance in their style. The songs all contain driving yet simple guitar parts with small holes at the transitions between parts. The songs all have similar structures, both vocally and instrumentally. The strongest song on the album is “Romance in Denial”.

This is one of those albums you hear and you forget about- it doesn’t contain that song that sticks out. It’s good but not great. I would expect them to be on Tooth and Nail Records very soon, as they are the band that Tooth and Nail is always looking for. FC has the ability to be great, but they just need to branch out.

-Scott Landis