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Foosa-Four song demo

foosaBand Name: Foosa

Album Name: Four song demo

Best Element: Male/female vocal harmonies

Genre: Indie


Label Name: n/a

Band E-mail:

It’s always hard to give a band a negative review when there is so much potential. A lot of the problems with Foosa lie not their musicianship, but rather in the poor production quality. This unfortunate job of recording leaves the vocalist’s voice sounding flat and the instruments sounding distorted and sharp. This production quality makes this demo hard to listen to.

Aside from this, however, Foosa has vast potential. “Brace Yourself” exemplifies their uncanny ability to harmonize the male and female vocals, creating a very round and very beautiful sound.

The rest of the tracks are just okay. They are not necessarily bad, but they are not remarkable either. They are kind of a run-of-the-mill emotional indie rock band. There’s just nothing makes them stand out from every other band in this vein of music.

I would be curious to hear more of Foosa’s music after better production. They are very talented, but it is hard to get a feel for how talented they really are when the demo is so very distorted, skewing the sound of the voice and music.

-Andrea Caruso