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Folk Thousand, day 2: Ryan Joseph Anderson

June 17, 2014


Ryan Joseph Anderson‘s The Weaver’s Broom has an easygoing vibe about it that belies its craftsmanship. Anderson has a calm, quiet, yet confident voice that channels James Taylor at times; Taylor is an apt comparison for many tunes here.

Anderson does have some Southern Gothic in him (“Wandering Apparition,” “Before the War”), giving some bite to this album–but upbeat, comforting tunes like “Jericho,” “Weep Caroline,” and the title track are the main feature here. Anderson knows how to use his voice to its best end, playing it nicely off his smooth, lithe acoustic guitar. The melodies are warm and friendly, and the overall effect is one of relaxing Sunday afternoons, perhaps in a comfy rocking chair. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty great achievement in this book.

Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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