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F-Units-Reject on Impact

funitsBand Name: F-Units

Album Name: Reject on Impact

Best Element: Energetic, exciting pop punk

Genre: Pop punk


Label Name: Self-released

Band E-mail:

It has been a long time since a pop-punk band has come into existence and truly excited me. For the most part, the genre has gotten so old, stale and commercialized that there is just nothing to grab you and get you keyed up and dancing around.

Then I popped the F-Units Reject on Impact into my CD player, and that all changed.

F-Units are just a really fun band to listen to. There isn’t really anything new or distinctive about them- they are just really fun to listen to. It’s hard to describe their general sound without sounding cliché, but it is similar to a hybrid of Green Day and the Dead Kennedys- an odd mixture of old and new, to be sure, but definitely a cool combination of two time periods to create something that is not stale, but also not innovative.

It is just hard to not be excited about when listening to F-Units Reject on Impact. It is energetic balls-to-the-wall punk with catchy hooks and slick production quality. They have a definitive sound, which prevails throughout the CD, but never gets stale.

The highest point on Reject on Impact is the song “Lost in Space”. This song has hook after hook and just gets you amped up and singing along. It is a bit slower than some of the other tracks on this album, but it’s just so unbelievably catchy.

While F-Units’ sound is not unique in and of itself, they are just a really fun band to listen to. And isn’t that what music is really all about, when it all boils down? Just playing what you love and entertaining? This F-Units do this really well, and Reject on Impact would be excellent for a few, if not many, listens.

-Andrea Caruso