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EP: Wisdom Water

Wisdom Water‘s Anaphora EP is just over 13 minutes long, but it packs a punch in those 13 minutes. The three tracks are memorable slices of progressive house that rely on big, punchy beats; elegant, poppy melodies; and razor-sharp production. Opener “Mile” uses a bass-and-snare backline as the standard bearer and then layers half-speed work on top of it. The tension between fast and slow is augmented by the shifts in tone that Wisdom Water uses in the repeated instances of the melody–“anaphora” is a literary term that represents the repeated use of a term for effect. (“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is an anaphora; the repetition of all the words but one puts the emphasis on the one word that is changed.) Thus, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) shifts in tone of the keys playing the same melody do a lot of work in “Mile,” from sweet to tough with various synth settings. It’s a thoughtful, careful piece of work.

“Overmore” draws on marimba-esque sounds for the introduction before punching in a big, beefy bass on top of the rattling techno beat. This track builds and shifts as various layers come in and out. “Blue Dot” has a lot of different textures of synth going on, but not as much of the morphing tones that characterized “Mile.” Still, the diversity of sounds is compelling and attractive. These three pieces may be over quickly, but the replay value is really high; I particularly love “Mile,” but both that follow are strong entries as well.