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Emily Hopkins, Harp Coolness-er

So ever since I discovered Andreas Vollenweider (thanks to Teen Daze including one of his songs in a DJ mix), I’ve loved hearing harps do weird things. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of Emily Hopkins, given this specific interest of mine, but now I know about her work. She attaches guitar pedals to her harp and makes things get weird. This particular video has her playing around with a Rainger FX Snare Trap pedal and then linking that pedal to a Bit Crusher pedal for more coolness. It’s like lo-fi hiphop, but harp.  Incredibly fun to listen to:

She also has a video that turns her harp into an ambient/goth production outfit, one that turns out Sigur Ros sounds, and another that is like some twinkly-emo/glitchy combo. And tons more. Friends. You need to listen to this. It is fantastic.