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Quick Hit: Eerie Gaits

Last updated on January 6, 2022

On Eerie Gaits’ second record Holopaw, John Ross details the earthy joys and ominous overtones of his hometown of Holopaw, Florida. The instrumental project blends ambient, folk, and synth-pop into an immersive mix; the songs range from sun-dappled and celebratory (“The Rainbow Trout and the Wicker Creel”) to reverent and restrained (“Out in the Tall Grass”) to eerie and ominous (closers “Oia,” and “99, 100”).

Gentle synth lines guide the way through various fields: backdrops of synth washes (“The Lure Follows the Line”), prominent guitar lines (“What’s Eating You”), and acoustic guitar work (“Saw You Through the Trees”). It’s a beautiful record (even with the slightly unsettling ending) that treats Holopaw with loving reverence. If you’re looking for a lush, thoughtful ambient-adjacent record, Holopaw is a good bet.