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DriveBy-I Hate Every Day Without You

drivebypicBand: DriveBy

Album: I Hate Every Day Without You

Best Element: Solid song structure

Genre: Pop-Punk


Band Email:

Label: Riot Squad Records

Drive-By is a pop-punk band in every meaning of the genre. Because of that, Drive-By will never be my favorite band. That does not mean this is a bad album- on the contrary, this album is one of the most solid pop-punk albums I’ve heard. Period. The only issues I hold with this album are production problems that cannot be attributed to band. If you go out and research other reviews of this band I am sure that you will find them listed as an emo band. Allow me to assure you, this is a pop-punk album and, you can quote me on this for I will never say it again, a good one.

Drive-By has produced the album Fall Out Boy could have produced had they cared half as much about their music as they did their hair. I Hate Every Day Without You will provide a launching pad for this band. It is really a question of whether or not the band is able to correctly use it. The album is not a history making album- it has simple guitar lines and a simple set up but it’s all so damn catchy.

One of the things I really enjoyed was the lyrics. These are some of the most intimate lyrics I have heard in a very long time. The lyrics are based around the loss of someone very close to lyricist. These lyrics provide a great topping to a good instrumental album. If you enjoy pop-punk you will love this album. Even if you don’t there is a good chance this won’t be the last time you hear of this band.

-Scott Landis