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Drew Pilgram-Magnetic Sideways Pull

drewpilgramDrew PilgramMagnetic Sideways Pull


Drew Pilgram is a true musician through and through. On Magnetic Sideways Pull, she pulls from a diverse background of musical genres to create a crisp, clean, unique sound that is pleasant and soothing. Coupled with incredible songwriting, this is a CD not to be missed.

One song which exemplifies Drew’s clean, crisp sound is “Shades of Grey,” showcasing beautiful vocals that are harmonized with a group of background singers, punctuated by what sounds like a cymbal or tambourine. Both musically and lyrically, the song encompasses a mixture of sadness and hope, a very moving technique.

Another song that shows off Drew’s lyrical ability is “You’ll Be Free,” which opens with the line “My knees got sore from that unforgiving floor/dreading the day you would leave” and continues to weave intricately through the thoughts and emotions you would expect to go through as you watch someone who is sick deteriorating until their freedom comes in the form of death. She does this, though, in a poetic fashion without being over the top. She has done an excellent job in this song of conveying the thought without being dark and gloomy. And the mood of the song is set to match, much like in “Shades of Grey,” with a feeling of sadness, but also of hope.

In fact, many of Drew’s songs are like this. She borrows from blues, folk rock, country and R&B, all genres that are emotional in nature, to get her musical message across. From start to finish, every track is beautiful, thought provoking and evokes emotion.

In many ways, Drew Pilgram’s Magnetic Sideways Pull is more of an emotional experience than a listening experience, and she should be commended for its maturity and diversity of style, as well as exceptional and poetic lyrics.

-Andrea Caruso