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Dishwater Psychics-The Signal Will Fade

dishwaterpsychicsBand: Dishwater Psychics
Album: The Signal Will Fade
Best element: Being meaningful and mellow.
Genre: Indie
Label: Friendly Psychics Music (
Band E-mail: info’

I really need to stop doing these at the last minute. I just spent 45 minutes listening to Eyes of the Betrayer and now I’m listing to the mellow, sad Dishwater Psychics.

Dishwater Psychics sounds like the band you heard at the soon-to-be-broke acoustic venue last week. They are very mellow, very sad, and yet, very talented. Switching between keyboard and electric guitar, Dan Miller changes the sound each time he plays. Songs like “Step One” and “Warning Patterns”, done entirely on acoustic guitar, really highlight the talents of the band. The one rough spot in the band is the drummer, who seems to be unsure if he is playing correctly or not.

Dishwater Psychics is mellow and nice but nothing to jump up and down about. [u]The Signal Will Fade[/u] was released in 2001, leading me to believe we won’t see anything else from Dishwater Psychics.

-Scott Landis