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Denison Marrs-Self-Titled

denison-marrsBand Name: Denison Marrs

Album Name: Self-Titled

Best Element: Cohesive overall sound

Genre: Christian Indie Rock


Label Name: Floodgate Records (

Band E-mail:

On this sophomore, self-titled CD, released in October 2004, Orlando legends Denison Marrs have evidenced their talent and experience in a very listenable fashion. While slightly edgier than their previous releases, their style remains tight, their sound is crisp and fresh, and they retain their former, more emotional style while incorporating a more modernized indie-rock quality.

No two tracks are the same on this CD. Different styles of music are integrated, ranging from alternative rock to the more emotional style popularized by Jimmy Eat World. The vocals are intense, smooth and evocative. On the instrumental side, the sound of each instrument just melds together. The combination of the smooth intensity of the vocals and the cohesive instrumentation creates a beautiful and ethereal quality that is pleasing to the ear.

In spite of the variances in sound, the CD does feel a bit stale at times. Perhaps a more up-tempo track thrown in the mix would keep the listener’s attention from waning. This is not to say that it’s hard to get from track one to track ten, because each one is quite listenable, but the CD as a whole is very even and mid-tempo and needs something to wake the listeners from their trance.

-Andrea Caruso