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Dartz-This is My Ship

[url=]Dartz![/url] – This is My Ship
[url=]Deep Elm Records[/url]
Dartz! throws a doozy at America with an old fashioned punk/math rock combo.
Fresh out of the UK, Dartz! lights things up with their debut full length album This Is My Ship. The best way to describe this album: Old fashioned punk done right by the Brits with a little bit of math rock thrown in for good measure, so each track offers a certain level of “dance-ability.” If you’re one of those folks who loves a good listen, each song offers its own unique rhythm and melodic tones that get you moving in and out of your chair.
The vocals of Will Anderson are a throw back to the early punk years, and his lyrics have a depth that the listener can connect with. Coming in on drums and backup vocals is the versatile Philip Maughan, a fantastic percussionist whose vocals blend well with Anderson’s. Rounding it all up with guitar that makes or breaks each song is guitarist Henry Carden. His leads open up each song with a captivating rhythm and melody.
Dartz is a fantastic math rock band, as demonstrated in “Laser Eyes.” Indie dance clubs will no doubt be filled with this song soon enough. The instrumentals of Dartz are as good as any math rock band. They perhaps even rival some of the more prominent bands of the modern era, as each track mixes rock n’ roll with tastes of punk and jazz. “Teaching Me to Dance” has definite jazz influence with saxophone solos and a rhythm that has a bit of a 1970’s flavor to it. The energy is uncontainable and it comes out in the lyrics “It’s not a crime to have opinions, teaching me to dance…”
Another highlight is “Prego Triangolos,” which has several unpredictable stops throughout the track that catch you off guard while you’re wrapped up in the middle of shakin’ it, which translates to a hilarious and enjoyable experience.
This is My Ship is a brilliant mix of math rock and punk, which creates a unique dancing and listening experience. You should head to their site at to get information on tour dates and ordering information for This is My Ship.
– Stephen C. O’Riley