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Dana and Lauren drop a country cover of a 2Pac tune. No, I'm not kidding.

February 12, 2011

Dana and Lauren play standard modern country with one twist: there’s a cover of “California Love” on their self-titled, four-song EP. Yes, the one by 2Pac. They do it up country, with banjo, fiddle and bass. It feels very, very surreal. It’s cool, but that’s only after a few times of hearing it. The first time it feels way out of left field. Way.

The rest of their EP is solid. “Song to My Heart” gets a bit campy for my taste, but “Chasing Trains” is upbeat and radio-ready.  The best track is the ballad “Dreams are Fireflies,” which recalls the best of female country singers in the verses. The chorus gets a bit saccharine, but what did you expect with a name like that? If you like hot country, you’ll like this. If not, not worth your time.

But srsly. You need to hear “California Love.” You’ll thank me later.


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