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Cyclone Records

Cyclone Records knows its roots. Based in Alberta, Canada, the label is bringing a fresh approach to music distribution and promotion while still heavily supporting the local artists they know and love. We at the Independent Clauses love anything cutting edge, so we were all about Cyclone Records when they contacted us.

They are one aggressive label- in addition to releasing new material by their artists on CD, they pick up the back catalog of their artists and release it as an iTunes-only release. This crazy releasing pace will see them releasing ten albums in their first year between new material, old material, and compilations.

They’re pretty proud of their compilations, too- culled from the burgeoning Alberta music scene, these compilations are highly selective. They’re released to local radio and clubs, giving bands on the compilation a leg up in the local scene. From these comps, Cyclone takes its roster- making Cyclone’s roster the best of the best in the Alberta scene.

And whether or not you like their taste in music- they tend to like more radio-friendly stuff than IndependentClauses is used to, with the exception of the political hardcore of Inner Surge- you can’t deny that Cyclone Records is doing wonders with their business side. This is the way a record label should be run.

They’re pretty clever up there at Cyclone- we’re a little envious that we didn’t think of it first. Now, without further adieu, a whole bunch of reviews on Cyclone releases. Enjoy.

Inner Surge – Signals Screaming(

Inner Surge – Matrika (

Creature Republic – Watch Your Aim (in folder)

Compilation: On the Verge – Alberta’s Best Rock (in folder)

Compilation: Heart of Alberta – Folk Country Acoustic (in folder)

Compilation: Greatest Underground Show on Earth: Calgary Metal