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Corporate Red-Did You Get the Memo?

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Band Name: Corporate Red

Album Name: Did You Get the Memo?

Best Element: Does there have to be one?

Genre: Poppy punk rock


Label Name: Self-released

Band E-mail: N/A

The now-defunct band Corporate Red has taken an already over-popularized sound and beaten it into the ground. It is the same overused, mundane three-chord pop-punk with simplistic lyrics and poor production quality already overdone by every pop punk band who has come before them. They are the poor man’s Blink 182, perhaps deviating only slightly from the poppy sound by throwing in some screamy vocals, such as the breakdown in the song “Settle the Score”.

Their five song CD, Did You Get the Memo? sounds like the same song over and over again. If it weren’t for the pauses between the songs, it would be impossible to tell where each one starts and ends. They’ll occasionally try and mix things up a bit by throwing in a song that begins a little slower, such as “End of the Line”, but it, too, falls right back into that formulaic pop-punk sound that was tired a decade ago.

Speculation leads this reviewer to believe that their defunct status, as evidenced on the band’s website, is a result of their lack of ability to come up with something truly different and creative.

-Andrea Caruso