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November 9, 2004

All I Should Have Said
Best Feature: A musical catharsis from beginning to end.
Label: N/A

Consisebloc is definitive screamo at its best. They define themselves as “a group of individuals united to achieve a common goal through delivery of a succinct, carefully chosen message”, and they deliver on this promise. This release is emotional and captivating, passionate and energetic.

The first track “General Warning” has a weighty, Snapcase-esque hardcore sound, but in other tracks, such as “All I Should Have Said” and “Happiness”, they incorporate an alternation between this forceful pace and a more delicate sound, reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate’s sensitivity and Cap’n Jazz’s vocal intensity. In fact, “All I Should Have Said” stands out on this album, as it begins slowly and builds up to an intense fury, then gently releases the intensity at the end, creating an auditory catharsis for the listener. This is demonstrative of Concisebloc’s amazing ability to engage the listener’s emotions through their music. The song “Perfect People” further demonstrates their talent through their ability to diversify. This acoustic song is delicate and emotional without being whiny and poppy, and proves that not all acoustic music has to follow in Dashboard Confessional’s footsteps to be good. The variety of sounds they put into this album prevents it from becoming stale, so it is a good listen from start to finish.

Going back to the topic of catharsis, the album is, in and of itself, that kind of emotional experience. Where it starts with the heavy “General Warning”, it ends with the beautiful, ethereal instrumental, “Cessation”. Overall, Concisebloc brings you in by quickening your heartbeat and finishes by releases you gently but leaving you feeling emotionally free.

As of this moment, this CD is awaiting a release date, but it is posted in digital format on their website,
-Andrea Goodwin

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