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Chris Davidson-Letting Go

Band Name: Chris Davidson

Album Name: Letting Go

Best Element: Beautifully talented music.

Genre: Indie-rock


Label Name: n/a

Band E-mail: n/a

The words needed to describe Chris Davidson’s talent do not come easy. His music is gifted on many, many levels. From the instrumentation to the vocals to the songwriting, he has mastered his craft and it shows. The entire 44 minutes of Letting Go are pure, ethereal, sophisticated beauty.

Davidson’s vocals are from the heart. His lyrics are full of passion and intensity that can only come from a place that is backed by emotion. This, coupled with his amazing vocal talent, produces a sound full of feeling and heart.

His music is much like Dashboard Confessional, but without the forced metaphors and fake emotion. Everything Davidson sings feels absolutely real, making the emotion almost tangible. He is in the moment when he performs, and brings the listener into the moment with him, sharing his intense experiences.

While there is no definitely weak track on here, there are a few which stand out above the others. Opener “Love is a Waste of Time” is a perfect choice for an opening track, as it clearly showcases the beauty, talent, and emotion in Davidson’s music. Another incredibly strong track is “Betrayal.” This song is particularly great because when he sings the line which begins with “all this tension”, you can hear the emphasis on tension – like he really feels it and is genuinely conveying it.

For incredibly talented and intensely real musicianship, Chris Davidson is a very safe bet.

-Andrea Caruso