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Chiminyo: maximalist jazz/hiphop/electronic/funky cool

Last updated on January 6, 2022

I’ve been really getting into maximalist jazz/instrumental hiphop/electronic/funky stuff recently, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Teebs, Flying Lotus, and Nosaj Thing. Chiminyo fits right in there with that crew. The drummer/multi-instrumentalist creates hectic, massive songs that meld those influences with the post-dub maximalism of ODESZA and the surrealist electronica of Dan Deacon on his sophomore effort I Am Panda. Drums are prominent (as you would expect), but great clouds of synths, hazy vocals (“Pan’s Call”), bombastic bass, and more populate these tunes.

The album starts out hectic and punchy, getting the party started in a fantastic way. Tunes like “See Me,” “I Am Panda,” and “Run” leave the biggest impression, as Chiminyo sets down a unique sonic vision that lives somewhere between the giddy haze of Animal Collective, the low-key chill of Teebs, and the booming maximalism of Flying Lotus. But they’re not all ragers. “Reachin'” is a chill, low-key, jazzy offering that relies on wurly-sounding keys, subtle drone, and gymnastic drums to create a psych-influenced slow jam. “Breathin'” is similar, leaning in to a funky guitar line in addition to the synthscaped backdrop, but it does amp up its enthusiasm as it goes. “…into the sunkiss…” strips everything down to just piano, showing off Chiminyo’s songwriting chops. Chiminyo has a specific, unique voice, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to. Highly Recommended.