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Bricks for Shoulders-You Are, Therefore I Am…EP

bricksforshouldersBand Name: Bricks for Shoulders

Album Name: You Are, Therefore I Am… EP
Best Element: The complexity of a single guitar.
Genre: Political hardcore/metal
Label Name: Far Between Records (

Band E-mail:

I will always maintain that this band could use a bassist, but that may be because I am a bassist looking for a band. Bassist or no, this EP hits you like a kick in the teeth. It’s brutal, heavy, thought-provoking, and beautiful- all in one fell swoop. Steve D really took this two-piece to a new level with You are, Therefore I am….

Almost every problem I found in their first demo has been addressed in this release. The vocals range from spoken word to screams to something that verges on melodic singing, and each vocal style is used in the correct spot each time. Save for a few spots the album flows, with each song seeming to be an extension of the previous song. The album finally culminates in a final statement by the band that really leaves a lasting effect on the listener.

The thing that surprised and impressed me the most about this album was the complexity of the guitar parts from the BFS’ previous release. Steve D seems to have personally grown as a guitarist a great deal. He has really molded a truly individual style as he pulls from different styles including grindcore, hardcore, and metal. As he uses these styles he creates a sound that really fills out the album, making it seem like there are 2 guitars and a bass playing.

The drums were and still are great. The toms could be turned down slightly but there is no question about the quality.

If you were to put a gun to my head and force me to compare BFS to another band I would say they sound like Terror stripped down to vocals/guitar/drums, but I would say that is it best to not compare BFS to anyone- they have a truly distinct style.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new face of hardcore: stripped down and brutal. These guys are just a few steps ahead.

-Scott Landis