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Bricks for Shoulders-Demo

Band: Bricks for Shoulders

Album: Demo

Best Element: The screaming vocals.

Genre: Hardcore


Label: Self-Released

Band E-mail: N/a

I don’t get this album. Bricks for Shoulders is a hardcore band, but the vocals are almost all done in spoken word. The screaming that is done is rough, but I like it. It almost seems like the band wants to be a spaz-core band but wants their lyrics to be understood. This causes the lead vocalist to sound really stupid while he is half screaming half singing. At times the spoken word works but it is overshadowed by the times when incoherent screaming would fit the bill much better. The demo was recorded on a piece of poor quality home recording equipment, which makes it hard to hear the guitar part. Not only is the guitar part hard to follow, there is no bass part. The band consists of two people, a guitarist and a drummer. I don’t like two person hardcore acts because the guitar can’t fill in for the missing bass.

The band gives off a strange image. The song titles are beyond bizarre; Track one: “How Are You Still Breathing With My Hands Around Your Throat?”, track two: “Fill in the Blanks While I Load My .35”, and track three: “My Prelude Had Horses, Now I Own Gerbils, Thank You”.

The whole album paints a strange picture of the band. If they would commit to being a spaz-core band instead of being half spaz-core and half indie, the band could have a future- but I can’t really see this current style working with anyone.

-Scott Landis